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 Experimental Chemicals

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PostSubject: Experimental Chemicals   Experimental Chemicals I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2011 8:32 pm

Experimental Chemicals FalloutVR: Ah good, a new test subject! I hope you don't end up like the last one... anyways! Here we will test our a few chemical compounds on you, to determine what is safe, and what... isn't. It's your choice what you want to be tested with though, and you get to keep anything that works for free. You may mix seperate chemicals to form compounds, but be careful, as these tend to be less stable. You may only test one chemical or compound a day though, we wouldn't want anything bad happening... again...

1. Chemical Red
2. Chemical Orange
3. Chemical Yellow
4. Chemical Green
5. Chemical Blue
6. Chemical Purple
7. Chemical Pink
8. Chemical Violet
9. Chemical White
10. Chemical Black
11.Chemical Glow
12. Chemical Silver
13. Chemical Bronze
14. Chemical Gold
15. Chemical X
16. Chemical Citrus
17. Chemical Phosphorus
18. Chemical Water
19. Chemical Insanity
20. Chemical Fire
21. Chemical 42
22. Chemical ???
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Experimental Chemicals
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