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 Twinx Market

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PostSubject: Twinx Market   Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:38 am

"Welcome to Twinx Market, Here we sell items that will help your combat needs!"

Twinx Star[20 coins] Temporary weapon that is used as a projectile [1 use only]

Triple Twinx Stars [40 coins] 3 Twinx stars used as projectiles [3 uses only]

Starlight shield [30 coins] Temporary shield. Can be used to dodge an enemy's attack, then attack back. [1 use only]

Staff of Star [100 coins] Permanent weapon that is used to hit enemy. Will do a bit more damage then a normal hit, up to level 10 [Unlimited use.]

[Note, Colors gave me permission to do these shops]
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Twinx Market
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